Kit nạp phần mềm PIC KIT 3.5

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Kit nạp phần mềm PIC KIT 3.5

Kit nạp phần mềm PIC KIT 3.5


PICKIT 3.5 Offline / Programming / Simulation Programmer -
Translucent Red + Black
High download speed. USB connection is more stable than ICD2. Offline
burning function. Develop debug programming,do product batch offline
burning or make. Power supply input, inner voltage can be controlled by
MPLAB IDE directly. PICKIT3.5, begin support Win7 system. Full patch
design, patch through the reflow soldering processing, more stable
quality. Accessories: included in the CD, new PLAB IBE software, legal copy
C30, winmpg video convert PICC etc, commonly used for PIC developing
software. PIC developing data, C language development tool manual. A lot of
PIC basic experiment program code; ICD2、PICKIT3 etcapplication



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