Kit nạp phần mềm K150 PIC KIT 2

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Kit nạp phần mềm K150 PIC KIT 2

Kit nạp phần mềm K150 PIC KIT 2


K150 is a low cost high performance PIC programmer, supports most of the popular PIC chip programmer, read out, features such as encryption, using a high-speed USB communication mode, burning write speed, burn writing quality is stable and reliable. (The average is 3-5 times PICSTART+) automatic programming verification; 40pin DIP block programming, direct programming DIP chips 8pin-40pin; 8pin-40 outside the pin of the chip can be downloaded online via the onboard ICSP interface; Windows2000/NT,Windows XP/windows7 and software compatible with Windows98 operating system ; Escalating software to be launched with the PIC of the new device. Master chip keep the DIP package and enjoy



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