Kit nạp chương trình cho AT89C51/S52 STC89C52

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Kit nạp chương trình cho AT89C51/S52 STC89C52

Kit nạp chương trình cho AT89C51/S52 STC89C52


1. compatible with AT, STC Series MCU ( support chips : STC89C52 STC12C5A60S2 STC11 / 10x series AT89S52 chip and pin-compatible with the above chip )
2. All microcontroller 40 IO pin leads,
3. With self-locking switch , you can easily switch the power on and off
4. With power indicator LED lights
5.3.5mm * 1.3mm can be an external power seat
6. 3 -way lead VCC pin and GND, can be input or output power
Pull-up resistor has a pull 7.P0 mouth
8. RC- band and manual reset circuit
9. Support ISP download and serial downloader
10. Integrated ISP 10P download interface , easy to download AT89S52 microcontroller.
11. The following is a crystal socket hole , easy to replace the crystal ( default with 11.0592M)
12 supports two kinds of power input : DC Power Block ( supporting the transposon is 3.5mm * 1.3mm) and a single row of pins ( next to the power switch )
13. with a programmable LED, LED experiments do
14.40P locking seat , easy to replace single chip , batch processing, eliminating the need for hands-on welding trouble
15. The board size : 3.8cm * 8.9cm
16. The double-sided sheet of high quality , better than the single-sided circuit board.



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