Kit giả lập C8051F

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Kit giả lập C8051F

C8051F giả lập emulator usb JTAG / C2 tải cáp U-EC5 ML-EC3 EC6


·  Based on the original production company Silabs USB Debug Adaptor emulator design and production

- Our emulator for U-EC6, Based onSilabs 's USB Debug Adaptor simulator design and production , and Silabs company UDA debugger, domestic EC3 / EC5 debugger 100% compatible .

- Support ProgramDownload andOnline Simulation .

- Programmers have full USB2.0 interface , free installation drivers, hardware enhanced protection ( reduction of the rate of hardware damage caused by improper use ) .

- Product dimensions are about 49 * 27 * 14mm, PVC waterproof paste, the appearance of fine appearance.

- All products using SMD machines , production, stable product quality assurance.

- Support WIN XP, WIN7.

· Supported Software

- With Keil, silabs official launch of a variety of software , such as the Silicon Laboratories IDE, FLASH Utility Programmer, Product Programmer, new U-EC5 Chinese Hualong download software and IAR Embedded Workbench for MCS-51 and other software seamlessly debug .

· Supported Devices

- Support for the full range of C8051F MCU


-Products with automatic firmware upgrade function , so that the emulator can realize the full range ofC8051FSimulation of the chip, and the subsequent production ofC8051F MCUSeries.


- Multi- circuit protection.The emulator has ESD protection circuit, with500mAResettable fuse , which can effectively protect your computer USB power supply module to prevent computer motherboard chip burned. Most brand-name market simulator in order to save costs , have no protection, the use of extremely unsafe ;

- Double buffering chips.This emulator internalDouble buffering chipCan prevent direct damage to the main chip. Most brand-name market simulator in order to save costs , are not a feature, or buy poor homemade chips , or refurbished goods , unstable quality. Our new import original chip NXP chip , quality assurance ;

- Strong dual power output.The emulator supports dual power output, output5V / 500mAAnd3.3V / 500mACan directly power the target for the development provide a great convenience.
- Configure a quality USB cable.Our configuration A side port USB cable port switchWith magnetic( Black ) , about 1.5 m , diameter up to 5 mm coarse .

Emulator Interface Definition

- Using C8051F dedicated JTAG / C2 interface.
- Support JTAG and C2 mode debugging, support up to4 breakpoints.
- When using the C2 interface , you can only use two lines (C2CK, C2D).



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