Cảm biến siêu âm HC-SR04 điện áp 3-5.5V nâng cấp

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Cảm biến siêu âm HC-SR04 điện áp 3-5.5V nâng cấp

Cảm biến siêu âm đo khoảng cách HC-SR04


XPower 2PCS Ultrasonic Ranging Module HC-SR04 + upgraded version 3-5.5v Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor ultrasonic sensor

1, The module with stability performance, measure distances accurately, super close blind spots(2cm) . Superior with SRF05, SRF02! This module is Completely compatible with GH-311 anti-theft module.

2. The main technical parameters:

           1: Voltage: DC 3-5.5V   

         2:  Software, hardware, size is fully compatible with the HC-SR04

         3:  Induction angle: not more than 15 degrees

         4: detection distance range:

                                                    5v: 2cm-450cm      

                                                    3.3v: 2cm-400cm

         5:  Industrial grade MCU, operating temperature: -20 to 80 degree


Board wiring: VCC, trig (control side), echo (receiving end), out (empty feet), GND

Note: TRIP pin is internal pull-up 10K resistor, using   IO port of   SCM pull down TRIP   pin, and then give a more than 10us pulse signal.

OUT pin for Switch output pin in   anti-theft module  , no need in distance test module!

Note: To avoid high level, better to insert module to circuit board before powering, if has high level, restart power to solve it.

This module provides ranging program: C51, PIC18F877, Yoshitatsu microcontroller, three MCU test reference.

3, URF04 module works:

(1) The IO trigger ranging, given the high level of the signal at least 10us;

(2) module automatically sends eight pcs 40khz square wave and automatically detect whether a signal return; 

(3) there is a signal to return, through the IO output a high level, the time of high level duration is Ultrasonic time from launch to return.


         Test distance = ( time of high level * speed of sound (340M / S)) / 2;


  This product is simple to use, a control port send a   more than   10US high level, you can wait for the high output at the receiving port. As soon as has output, open the timer for timing, you can read value when this port turn to low level. this time for the time of distance test, so can calculate the distance. By constant cycle of measurement, you can reach the value of mobile measurement ~

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